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Product Delivery Manager

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Hello! I'm Doug Dawson

Customer-Focused Servant Leader & Team Builder

I have nearly 20 years of experience with computer hardware and software. I started out building computers as a hobbist and then moved into professional hardware support and small business networking. I later became a web developer using various languages and frameworks. I started my web development career building beautiful and functional websites working along side talented graphic designers. Later, I moved into architecting and implementing backoffice software solutions and integrating platforms.

Now, I lead agile software development teams consisting of software developers, business system analysts, and quality assurance engineers. I use my leadership training and experience to establish a psychologically safe work environment so I can attract and retain high-performing professionals.

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I'm very grateful for the kind words of others.

"Doug is a wonderful addition to our management team. I appreciate the approach that he takes to both the work, and more importantly, to the people of Medical Solutions. I am excited for the things that will be coming in the future and I am very thankful that Doug is a part of our team." - Brandon Elwood, Vice President, Platform & Enterprise Applications

"Doug's years of software development experience have helped him build instincts around potential trouble spots for engineering teams and prevent issues before they arise." - Shawn Plew, Software Engineering Manager

"Doug is an exceptional leader who has strength in both engineering and management. He advocates for his folks and is able to bring folks together to collaborate. It was a pleasure to get to work with him and see the growth in the individuals that he influenced!" - Amber Dorst, Senior Director, Engineering

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I love to learn, tinker, and stay involved.

My favorite project right now is Mead Mate. It is the first app that I ever published on the Google Play app store. I use the app for mananging batches of homebrewed mead. It has been fun to build. Check it out in the app store!

  Mead Mate

Wanna buy me a coffee or a Diet Mountain Dew? I'd love that!

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Check out my other projects on GitHub.


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